With oil paintings that seek to inspire viewers to stop and really see that dramatic beauty found in the garden, Iowa artist, Julia Kulish, returns again and again to floral art.

                                                   Julia Kulish studio - 4198 Pikeview Dr., Center Point, Ia 52213 ~ julskul@msn.com  ~ (319)270-0531

Psalms Series A Soul Cries Out

    Many of my paintings are born out of my thoughts, while in the process of creating.  As the paint touches canvas,  I work through the issues of life, contemplate where my soul is at, and pray.  Lots of prayer.  It is out of this process that the Psalm Series came to be.  I found myself in a season of discouragement and anxiousness and turned to the place that gives me the most peace.  The simple flowers I envisioned when beginning these paintings, turned into soul cries as the words of the book of Psalms became my prayers as I painted.

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