With oil paintings that seek to inspire viewers to stop and really see that dramatic beauty found in the garden, Iowa artist, Julia Kulish, returns again and again to floral art.

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Letters to My Twenty something Self

      This latest series is a celebration of sorts, of my fiftieth trip around the sun.  Somewhere in my forties, I stopped focusing on what others thought of me, stopped overthinking the world's expectations on me, and set aside many of the insecurities that had bogged me down, and began living in a much freer way.  

       I have often thought how I wish I could give advice to to my younger self. I would tell her that she was made to bloom beautifully.  I would warn  her not to waste time focusing on who she is not, and instead live fully in who she is.  I would tell her to come out of hiding behind insecurities, to live boldly, colorfully.   I would encourage her to open up, let those around her see the beauty of her heart, live life from the inside out.  And to look for that same beauty in others by seeing beyond the surface, to the inside person.  


     These paintings are that letter to my younger self.  Or, because I can't go back in time, perhaps it's a letter to my daughters, or to my younger friends.  

    I chose the Parrot Tulip to send the message, because they convey the ideas so well.  These extravagant flowers bloom brightly and boldly,  and unapologetically.  


They are not afraid to say, " Hello, here I am".  And the more they open up, the more we can peer inside, the more beauty we can see.

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_Hello, I'm Here._
parrot tulip, artwork by artit Julia Kulish, flower painting
Parrot tulip, paintig by Julia Kulish, flower paintng