Bread, Salt Wine

8x10 oil on canvas

Comes with handwritten (Blank inside) notecard with corresponding poem.

Optional rustic gray washed frame also available ( this is a separate product).



  One of a dozen of the "Rose Bouquet" collection, this painting is inspired by the Song, "North" by Sleeping at Last.  The song  is set around a couple starting off life together as they move into their first home.  It's  all about the hopes and desires for life in that home together.  It  is presented in the form of a prayer and uses three specific symbols to represent their hopes for their life  together. The expression, 'bread, salt, wine' comes from the traditional gifts given to new newlyweds as they start their life together, and symbolize the blessings of bread - that they may never hunger, salt that their life may always have flavor, wine that they may know joy and prosperity together.


"Let the years we're here,

 Be kind, be kind

Let our hearts, like doors,

Open wide, open wide

Settle our bones like wood,

over time, over time

Give us bread, give us salt, give us wine."


More information on The Rose Bouquet Collection:

   A dozen dreamy, 8x10 rose- themed works  that bring us back to the romantic eras and celebrates the poetry of love.  Because often nothing conveys the feelings of the heart better than poetry, each piece is accompanied  by and named for a part of a love poem.  Using both classic poets and modern poets who set their words to music (songwriters), each painting is meant to be given to a loved one, and comes with a handwritten card with the poem for that painting.  

Bread, Salt, Wine