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Give teens the gift of art!

Unlike big box store art kits for kids and teens, this art set is hand picked with the teen who is growing in their art skills. I chose quality paints that I use, yet are cost effecient. There are 18 full body acrylics (including 6 neon colors), and 18 vibrant watercolors availble. Filled with lots of quality supplies, this gift box will give your teen what they need to expand in their creativity.

These boxes come with three painting mediums to choose from:

Acrylic, watercolor, or a large set containing both mediums.


Supplies included in sets:

Paint (18 acrylics and/or 18 watercolors)

3 canvases (8x10)

5 designs that the teen can paint in their own style (on multi medium paper)

5 blank multi medium papers

4 brushes in a variety of sizs ( these brushes were chosen because they work great with acrylic or watercolor)

2 vinyl floral stickers (because...they're fun!)

* The watercolor and Large multi media sets also come with:

1 travel watercolor brush with a built in water compartment within the brush handle

1 ceramic travel water dish

1 travel textured sponge


NEW OPTION: If you are local to the Cedar Rapids, IA area, you can now add on an option for one private lesson with Julia. A lesson is an hour and can be used to help kids learn some tips and techniques for using their acrylic paints and answering questions they might have. Lessons must be scheduled by June of 2024, and are non-refundable.

Teens Art Gift Box

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