24x24 oil on wrap around canvas 


    Memories and smells are closely tied together.  Every Spring, when I smell Lilacs and Lily of the Valley, I think of my mother’s garden.  Both grew there, and were some of her favorites.  Lilacs usually bloomed for her birthday every year and she always wore a perfume that smelled like Lillies of the Valley.


    It’s been forty some years since I smelled her perfume, but her face is the first that comes to mind when I smell those two kinds of flowers.  This is the power of impact.  


    What began as  a series on the lovely memories of Springtime in the garden of my childhood, ended up also reminding me of the impact someone can have on our lives, whether the time they are with us is extended or brief.  Thoughts like this challenge us to consider the impact we have on those around us and to be intentional to make that impact a positive one.  


   I have replayed in my mind the words I wrote long ago, when I first considered doing a series on my mother’s garden.  “The love for beautiful things is a gift my mother gave me without knowing it....”   May the unknown gifts,that we give our loved ones, be good and impactful. 


                “The love for beautiful things is a gift my mother gave me without knowing it.        She didn’t wrap it in a bow and hand it over. She gave it subtly, unexpectedly, on her knees, bent over arching stems that held trumpeting tiger lilies. She gave it in canvas tennies, stepping on dewy grass to point out Lilly of the Valley. She gave it by songs sung and stories told in the midst of cool evening shadows and the heady fragrance of phlox.”

The Smell of Lilacs and Lily of Valley