30x40 oil on canvas

    Many of my titles come from a combination of the composition and the life events that seemed to dominate my thoughts as I stood before the easel. Usually the two go hand in hand. The way this painting seemed to lay out coincided with what has already been a subject I have been thinking about lately. Groups of people - families, friends, people thrown together in unexpected circumstances, all can feel at times like a jumbled mess of chaos. We all bring our own backgrounds, world views, opinions, convictions to the table and this can make it difficult to get along, love each other- heck, like each other. It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s just, well, messy. But that doesn’t mean its not worth it to press into one another ( as opposed to walk away from one another), or even better, to entwine our lives around one another, making it difficult to separate- making it needful to work it all out. Because when we do, this messy, thing can beautiful thing. 


Togetherness Can Get Messy"