With oil paintings that seek to inspire viewers to stop and really see that dramatic beauty found in the garden, Iowa artist, Julia Kulish, returns again and again to floral art.

                                                   Julia Kulish studio - 4198 Pikeview Dr., Center Point, Ia 52213 ~ julskul@msn.com  ~ (319)270-0531

30x40 oil on canvas

    Many of my titles come from a combination of the composition and the life events that seemed to dominate my thoughts as I stood before the easel. Usually the two go hand in hand. The way this painting seemed to lay out coincided with what has already been a subject I have been thinking about lately. Groups of people - families, friends, people thrown together in unexpected circumstances, all can feel at times like a jumbled mess of chaos. We all bring our own backgrounds, world views, opinions, convictions to the table and this can make it difficult to get along, love each other- heck, like each other. It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s just, well, messy. But that doesn’t mean its not worth it to press into one another ( as opposed to walk away from one another), or even better, to entwine our lives around one another, making it difficult to separate- making it needful to work it all out. Because when we do, this messy, thing can beautiful thing. 


Togetherness Can Get Messy"