8x10 oil on canvas

Optional frame in a rustic, grey washed wood ( this is an option that can be purchased separately in the shop, and will be shipped, added to the painting).


  One of a dozen of the "Rose Bouquet" collection, this painting is based on more of a modern "poet".  It seems as today, many poets set their words to music. This particular painting gets it's title from a song by Drew Holcomb and is a lovely duet that expresses the beauty in what may seem like the mundane issues of life, but actually expresses the fulfillment of one of humans' greatest needs - to know that we are not alone.


         " It's in the wine we drink

            The dirty dishes in the kitchen sink

            The lights go out til the sun comes up

             We are not alone


           " It's in the miles we drive

             Never having to say goodbye     
             To the things we tell each other

             Without saying a word

             You are the one thing that I know'



More information on The Rose Bouquet Collection:

   A dozen dreamy, 8x10 rose- themed works  that bring us back to the romantic eras and celebrates the poetry of love.  Because often nothing conveys the feelings of the heart better than poetry, each piece is accompanied  by and named for a part of a love poem.  Using both classic poets and modern poets who set their words to music (songwriters), each painting is meant to be given to a loved one, and comes with a handwritten card with the poem for that painting.  

You Are Not Alone