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The Greatest Struggles Bring the Greates


Hello, and welcome to my site!  I hope you enjoy walking through my gallery of florals. 

    Flowers fascinate me.  They demand our attention, with their brilliant colors and voluptuous curves. I see flowers personified, each with their own unique personality. 


    When I see flowers in a garden, with groupings of plants all twisted and entwined together, I see vignettes of human relationships.  The way the stems of two flowers criss - cross, the blooms leaning towards one another, may appear to be two lovers leaning close. Young buds, tell of the freshness of youth, while even blooms that have begun to shrivel and wilt, have a beauty and dignity that personifies the elderly.   A bent over bloom may speak to me of grieving and loss.  A bloom straining to stand against the wind, displays our own human, formidable spirit.

     When I paint a flower, my desire is to bring that flower to life.  I strive to paint a "portrait", showing the unique personality of that particular bloom.  I bring the viewers attention to this flower's "story" by making it larger than life, allowing the flower's voice to be heard.  All the while, presenting the viewer with an eye feast of sinuous lines and bold colors.






Soli Deo gloria
Glory to God alone
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