With oil paintings that seek to inspire viewers to stop and really see that dramatic beauty found in the garden, Iowa artist, Julia Kulish, returns again and again to floral art.

                                                   Julia Kulish studio - 4198 Pikeview Dr., Center Point, Ia 52213 ~ julskul@msn.com  ~ (319)270-0531


Julia Kulish is a midwest artist with a passion for bold colors and graceful, sinuous lines.  Using numerous, thin layers of oil glazes, she most often creates large, close-ups of her favorite subject - the flowers that grow in her immense home gardens.  Her flower "portraits" give the viewer an intimate look at the grace and beauty of a flower that ordinarily may be over looked.

   Growing up in a home with two artist parents, Julia had an appreciation for art at an early age, but didnt begin to use her own creativity until her early twenties.  As a self taught artist, she is ever in the process of learning more.  But with each new painting her goals are always the same - paint what you love, and create something that is an expression of thanks to The Creator for all He has made.  

         Soli Deo Gloria ( To God be the Glory).


  " You are worthy O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power, for you have created all things and for Your pleasure they are and were created."

                                       Revelations 4:11