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Attend One of My Art Classes

Let 's Paint Together

       I have always loved teaching,  For the past ten years I have enjoyed inviting others into my studio space to learn and create.  Few things make me happier than to see someone who has learned some techniques from my classes, go home with a creative fire lit and take off on their own creative journey.  I approach every class I teach with one goal in mind: to be a creative ignitor.


In Person and Online
Painting Classes

      I love to have those in the Cedar Rapids area into the studio for a relaxed time of learning various painting techniques.  Taking time to pause from life's busyness, refresh ourselves with creative learning, and creating something for the pure joy of it is important to our minds and souls.  
 time and distance doesn't make it possible for you to come to my studio for a class, let me bring my studio to you.  In these step by step instructional classes, I walk you through the process of creating stunning paintings in acrylic or oils.  Skill levels  and materials needed are listed under each class information.  

Online Art Classes

In Person Adult Creative  Classes

magnolia oil classMG_8508 2_edited.jpg

(Scroll down until you see the Kids Class/Camp level you are looking for) 

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