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Lets Paint Together

New Online Classes are Coming

   I have always loved teaching,  For the past ten years I have enjoyed inviting others into my studio space to learn and create.  Few things make me happier than to see someone who has learned some techniques from my classes, go home with a creative fire lit and take off on their own creative journey.  I approach every class I teach with one goal in mind: to be a creative ignitor.

    If you are wanting to learn some painting techniques, there is nothing more that I would love then to invite you into my studio to paint together.  But time and distance doesn't always make that possible!  With that in mind, I am excited to share with you new, online paint  classes that you can enjoy and learn from at your own pace,  I've tried to make them cozy and intimate, with a feel as if you were looking over my shoulder, learning as I paint and talk you through the process.

Now available!

     With two hours of instruction, I take you from start to finish of this vibrant acrylic painting.  I try to explain the techniques in a way that, even if you have a limited experience in painting, you will be able to understand and follow along.  

     All supplies are listed and are easy to find brands and colors ( and can be swapped out for any color combination you may choose.)

      If you are new to painting, my goal is to get you excited about expressing yourself through art.  If you have past experience in painting, I think you will enjoy learning different techniques from another artist

sunflower acrylic paint class

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