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September is a Second Spring


t's now October, and the whole world around us is suddenly turned into a palette of Autumn colors. But honestly, long before the trees started changing colors, I was already swooning over the rich colors of this season. It started months ago when I saw two photos on Pinterest that made me ache for crunchy leaves and fuzzy sweaters.

I just loved the juxtaposition of the coppery leaves against that teal blue. And then the burgundy, creams and emerald green

made for the perfect combination.

Everything about these colors got me thinking of the phrase "September is a second Spring". It's so true! After roasting in the August heat, flowers can often begin to look like they are at the end of their lifespan ( at least in my garden!). But in comes the coolness of September and everything seems to spring to life again - but in a different, more grown up palette than we see in Spring.

These rich colors are what inspired my two latest works. And my goal was all about showing that "second Spring" feel of early Autumn.

These two paintings are both medium sized , at 18x24. They are big enough to make a statement, but their size makes them accessible for those wanting to get started in collecting original art. They are on wrap around canvas - which means no framing is necessary and they are ready to hang.

Click on the links for more information and to purchase.

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