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One of my favorite things about art is how it can bring people together.  There is such camaraderie and learning from each other when people create together.  This was the main idea I had when I opened the doors of my studio up a few years ago and invited others to come paint with me!  I wanted to  not only teach step by step painting classes, but also to gather together creatives to learn together and from one another. 

            I found many people would come for my paint classes and a spark of creativity that perhaps lay dormant for years, was reignited!  And then what...?  That is often how these people felt.  Well, you just do some art!  But how? Many have the desire to do art - but are not quite sure where to even begin, or how to learn.   This is when I decided to begin an open studio class on a monthly basis.  

            The class had a laid back feel, where everyone brought a project they were working on, or a picture of something they would like to paint.   People could bring their own painting mediums of choice and canvases.  Or they could use mine for a very minimal fee.   I did a small demo on a basic art technique that might be helpful to those just starting out in art, or those growing in their skills.  Then the group worked on projects, all in different mediums, all at their own pace. I usually had a still life or project available that coincided with the demo of the day.  At times they might ask  my advice on how to proceed through a difficult step.  Everyone shared encouraging critiques and suggestions for each others projects.  We talked while we worked, getting to know each other.  It really became a special time. 

A sweet time had together, learning to paint "Plein air" on the patio outside the studio.

         And then, due to schedule conflicts and unfortunate summer road construction in front of our neighborhood , for a time the Open Studio class stopped meeting.  

    In late Fall I started getting requests to start it up again.  People were telling me that they had missed it.  I had missed it too!

           At the beginning of January, I am happy to report, Open Studio rebooted.  A small group of us came together, including a couple of new faces that added so much enthusiasm.  We did a small demo on color mixing, with lots of questions and discussion.  And then we pulled out our projects.  And time seems to just stand still.  Seriously!  All of a sudden we all realized that two hours had gone by, when it seemed only moments.  We all left refreshed, recharged, and inspired.  And when I say, we all, I mean myself also.  I love this special time and look forward to it next month!


What about you?  Are you a new artist, experienced artist, want to be artist?  Perfect!  Come join us for our next class, February 17th from 9:00 to 11:00 am.  The cost is 20.00, paint and or canvases are just 5.00 each extra or you are welcome to bring your own supplies.  I supply the basics - paper palettes, paper towels, water buckets, aprons and, of!

            For additional information, check out the FAQs in the Open Studio Event page.  Hope to see you there!

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