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What in the World was Going Through Your Mind?

I get the question a lot. Usually from someone with a very confused look on their face. Or they rephrase it, by saying "How'd 'ya come up with that?" These questions usually are referring to the titles for my paintings. Understand, I don't mind -not at all! In fact, I love it when people ask. I have been known to keep my titles simple - "Tulips in a Vase", "Hydrangea". But most times a painting speaks so much more.

Take, for instance, this one...

"It's a Beautiful Tangle, We Just Can't Undo"

What in the world was I thinking on that one? Wouldn't you like to know? (Ha! Just kidding, I will get to that in just a minute!)

The thing is, when your painting, your standing in front of that easel for hours. And in those hours, there is lots of contemplation that goes on. I think about the colors and lines and the beauty of creating. I think about difficulties that myself, or a friend or family member may be going through. I spend lots of time praying while painting. I listen to music and think about lyrics (I am a word person, through and through. Lyrics really matter to me).

Often times, in the hours of contemplation, a theme might arise. A painting may make a twist or turn that causes my thoughts to veer off in a certain direction. This is where a title usually makes it's debut.

Back to the "...Beautiful Tangle..." My whole goal in this painting was to show this wild, free floating mass of of things of nature, all tangled together into one unit. While painting, I got to thinking about relationships, particularly in marriage. The lyrics of a favorite song "Who are We Fooling" by Brooke Frasier, came to mind...

"It's a beautiful tangle that's bruising us blue

It's a beautiful knot that we just can't undo"

The song is about a difficult time in a couple's marriage. They want to untangle themselves from each other, but they can't, because they truly are one. And in the end, they realize even the tangle is beautiful and they are better off together, rather than ripping themselves apart.

Woah! You probably had no idea this painting had anything to do with relationships and marriage. My titles are maybe a glimpse into the crazy thought train that chugs through my mind as I paint. Sometimes it's a thought that leads to a painting. Sometimes the painting idea comes first, and the thoughts seem to come around to make sense of the painting. And it's all summed up in the title.

So, please, feel free to ask me -'What in the world was going through your mind?'

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