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What's Coming Up in 2023

Anyone else out there who just loves the few weeks before and after the change in the year? I guess depending on the year you've been through, you may be sad to see it go, or jubilant for a fresh start. Even if it hasn't been the best of years, when it comes to my creative journey, I love the feeling of closing out the past year by looking back, reflecting on both the good and the bad, and evaluating goals set, whether accomplished or not. And then, as soon as the Ball drops, I'm ready to make plans. I give myself a week or so to dream big. I brainstorm all the things I would like to do and then slowly whittle it down to what is doable in the next twelve months.

After a couple weeks of brainstorming and goal setting - I'm excited about what 2023 seems to have in store!

New Art Classes

If you have ever wanted to learn to be more creative, or perhaps you are already a creative and want to learn some new techniques - I would love to have you, or your child in one of my classes! I will have classes for both adults and teens/kids, both locally and online.

I am passionate about encouraging others to pursue creativity! Here are a few of the upcoming learning event I have planed for 2023:

For Adults

2 Day Oil Painting Workshop (coming in April) - This class will be for beginners who have no experience working with oils.

Monthly Oil Painting Classes (from April on - This will be open to those who have at least some knowledge of oils (maybe you learned them at the Oils Painting Workshop). We will gather to work on small projects that help you to learn and grow in your oil painting techniques.

Online Adult Art Classes- I plan on adding several video classes focused on painting themes of nature (in acrylics, watercolors, and oils). I already have "Painting Sunflowers in Acrylics" available, you can check it bout below.

For Teens and Kids

Meet the Masters Kids Summer Art Camps- If you are local to the Cedar Rapids area, and have a child, ages 6-12, this is a wonderful summer activity for them. Camp sessions are two hours a day for one week. We cover a famous artist each day, learning about they life and artwork. Then we work on fun projects that correlate to the artist we studied. I usually have around 120 kids come through the camp every summer and it is something I look forward to every year!

Teen Art Camp - I started Teen camp last year and cannot wait for this year's camp. We had so much fun last year working on projects that were challenging and engaging. I love working with this age, because they really are beginning to "put themselves" into each piece of art they create.

Monthly Homeschool Classes - Every month I teach three levels (elementary, middle school/highschool, and advanced) of art for homeschooling families. We explore all kinds of mediums and techniques. For local families who homeschool, if you would like more information enthuse lasses, please contact me.


New Projects

And what about projects for the year? When it comes to painting, I have a couple of things that I have been mulling over in my mind for months and now, as the new year begins, I can't wait to put my ideas on the canvas. I have been particularly inspired by the Dutch artists of the mid 18th century, with their intricate floral bouquets in bright colors. I plan on applying that inspiration to my work this year with ornate floral arrangements and the occasional bird or insect. The other thing that has my attention are simple delicate botanicals. I am hoping to do a series of these, hung in unique frames, sometime in the Fall. The last few months of 2022 found me doing projects that didn't require a canvas or easel, so I'm ready to get back into larger scale paintings.

Finally, one of the biggest goals I have set for myself this year is to continue in a mindset of learning. I think sometimes the busyness of life can cause us to forget that we need to be constantly learning. I plan on reading a lot of technique books and doing some workshops throughout the year.

Here's to a year of learning and creating!

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