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12x12 oil painting on cnvas, framed in a rustic, gray-washed, wood frame

A part of the "Home" series:

                "To me, a birds nest always presents a picture of home - or at least what a home should look like - The warmth and security of a safe haven for little lives to develop and grow.  Protection from a world that can often be harsh.  


   When I look at  little eggs nestled in safety among the twigs and grasses of a nest provided to them, I see the love hard work of a faithful parent.  I  think of the care and love of a parent that took the time to collect each twig and place it so, high up in the tree to provide protection for their little ones.  With each additional element added to make a safe haven home, the parent declares to their child, "You are of value to me".  


     The nest is a place to grow, nestled in amongst siblings who are growing too.  Over time, these little lives will mature enough to be on their own, flying off to make their own way.  But memories of home will remain with them as they go."

Cared For

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