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 30x40 oil on gallery wrapped canvas

      In Iowa, the winters can be long and hard. By the time February comes, most midwesterners feel like the cold days, spent indoors will never end.  We long for the end of late afternoon sunsets and the warmth of sunshine on our faces.  And just when it feels like we cannot take one more day of winter, warm breezes behind to blow in and we see the beautiful sight of early Spring flowers popping up through the snow.  New life!  A sign of happier days ahead.  

    This painting was painted in those last few days of dark, cold winter, when my own heart was aching for green grass and the color and smell of Spring flowers.  IT's sole purpose is to evoke happiness and hope for good days ahead.  

New Life Comes After Winter

  •  Extra large works of art like this are taken off the stretcher bars and rolled up to be shipped in a tube.  This better protects the painting from damage while shipping and also provides the collector a more cost effective  shipping method. 

    When your artwork arrives, simply take it to a framing shop to have it mounted, once again, to the wooden stretcher bars.  This is a simple procedure that any reputable framer will be able to perform.  

      Questions?  Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss all options with you.


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