This 40x60 oil painting ( which part one of a two part painting.  Each Secret Garden painting can be purchased separately or together, to be hung together to make a ten foot painting or on therir own)takes an intimate look at chaotic beauty of lush florals growing side by side in a vibrant garden.  Large florals make a are all about making a powerful statement!  The idea is to show both the delicateness and power found in nature.

Secret Garden I

  • As with most larger works, this painting, upon purchase, will be removed from the stretcher bars and shipped in a roll.  This is the safest and most cost effective way to ship a larger painting.  When the collector recieves the painting, they will simply need to take it to a framer, who will be able to reattach it to stretcher bars at a resonable price.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact me!